A Boho Festival-Inspired Wine Tasting Party

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I've attended over 100 live concerts and music festivals, and I'm excited to share a fun post with you today, featuring some beautiful party ideas, inspired by all of the amazing live music I've seen over the years. When I met my boyfriend in 2005, we really bonded over live music - we would travel to see shows almost every month, as long as they were within a few hours driving distance - sometimes over double that. That was before music festivals were SO incredibly well known about, and I have such incredible memories from those fun times. To this day, I listen to music throughout my entire day, mostly recordings of live shows I either attended, or wish I had attended :)

#Chardonnation #SpringWine - Boho Wine Party
When I had the amazing opportunity to create a styled event post for Notable Wines, I was instantly drawn to their beautiful labels. It's apparent that music and music notes are extremely important to the brand, so that's when I thought that a music festival themed party was in order. I also thought up a few ways to incorporate music notes into the decor, which I think added a lot to the setup. Notable is the 1st and only wine that highlights the flavor profiles on the front of the bottle, helping make the wine aisle a less confusing place. Find Notable Wines at Kroger and Kroger Banner Stores. Please reference their Store Locator to find it more easily.

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Keep reading to learn about lots of the fun party ideas, including what to serve as far as food and drinks, and also some beautifully fun decor items. I even made a gorgeous, DIY Hand-Dyed Tablecloth that will be fun and easy for you to replicate for your next gathering. 

#Chardonnation #SpringWine - Boho Wine Party


I found the most adorable tags that had this cute watercolor look to them. Alternately, feel free to make them from scratch by using pre-cut tags with holes in them, or simply cut out your own. You could use a quick watercolor painting technique on the tags to coordinate them to your exact colors. Next, I stamped each tag with a music note, and strung them on some teal blue ribbon. I found it best to tie each tag onto the string with a double knot so the tags would stay evenly spaced apart.

#Chardonnation #SpringWine - Boho Wine Party

Below, rather than providing a huge meal to guests, I always find that people enjoy simple snacks that they can enjoy throughout the evening. I love the idea of offering a delicious trail mix that went extremely well with these wines. 

Another cute idea is to add some fun, boho-inspired stickers to miniature paper bags, so guests can take some snacks home with them to enjoy later. 

#Chardonnation #SpringWine - Boho Wine Party


Notable: California Chardonnay

This wine has notes of butter, oak, and vanilla.

Notable: Australia Chardonnay

This wine has notes of citrus, melon, and peach

Both are extremely palatable, very refreshing, and in my opinion, more drinkable than some of the sweeter dessert wines that people may traditionally think of for parties or for enjoying at home.

#Chardonnation #SpringWine - Boho Wine Party


After doing TONS of research on boho parties as well as wedding and baby showers, I concluded that a cake looks absolutely wonderful on a party table. Since I wanted to provide a relatively easy and super fun way to provide guests with a one of a kind cake, I purchased a lemon pound cake from the grocery store (and 1-2 containers of icing) and began decorating it. 


1.) Put your cake onto a baking sheet with a bit of foil or parchment paper over it to make less of a mess. Using a store bought container of cream cheese or vanilla flavored icing, transfer about 3/4 of the icing into a heat proof container and melt it. I used a double boiler method and continuously stirred, but a microwave would work well too. Melt the icing just until it's a liquid state, and make sure it's not super hot or it will run too much. 

2.) Once melted, carefully pour a little over half of the icing evenly over the top of the pound cake. It will begin to drip over the sides, but at this point, use the flat side of a butter knife to smooth the sides, giving it that trendy "naked cake" look. Next, pour smaller drips of icing over the sides, about 1/2"-1" apart. This will now create the drips. Put into the fridge or freezer to set.

3.) Lastly, I too the icing I did not melt and made spiral dollops all over the top of the cake. This added so much dimension to the cake! Transfer the cake from your baking sheet onto a cake stand or cute platter, and serve. For the final party table, I added an assortment of fresh flowers to the top of the cake.

#Chardonnation #SpringWine - Boho Wine Party

Wines vary in style, region, and taste, yet most labels don’t define the delightful flavor you’re about to sip. So when a wine elegantly showcases its taste prominently on the front label, it can lead you to the wine you want. All you have to do is follow the flavor notes! What you see is what you sip! Both the Californian and the Australian Chardonnays are delicious and will definitely please a crowd!

I also read online, that vanilla cake was a great pairing for Chardonnay. Well, I thought that a more party-ready wine pairing would be sugar cookies! I used bakery-ready ones, but you can find a million sugar cookie recipes out there. I made these fun cookie envelopes so guests could take a few home with them. I used 8 1/2" x 11" sheets of vellum scrapbooking paper that was printed like sheet music, and folded them up into quick envelopes. I taped the back portion together and thought they turned out so great. 

#Chardonnation #SpringWine - Boho Wine Party
#Chardonnation #SpringWine - Boho Wine Party

Just for fun, I also found the most adorable strawberry bundt cakes at the store and used another container of cream cheese flavored icing to melt and pour over the top. Adding a few sprinkles to each one really made these look perfect! Guests will LOVE little snacks and goodies like this.

#Chardonnation #SpringWine - Boho Wine Party

Notable Wines are Refined, Accessible, and Expressive.


These were one of my favorite parts of the decor for this party! I covered paper party hats (available at any dollar or party store) with trendy scrapbooking paper. To get my template, I simply opened up one of the party hats so it laid flat, traced the shape onto my scrapbooking paper, and cut it out. Then, using double sided tape, I carefully stuck the paper to the hats. I also used three skewer sticks, which I cut an inch off the bottoms of, and taped them inside the hats. You may need to cut a small opening at the top of the hat so they will fit through.

#Chardonnation #SpringWine - Boho Wine Party
#Chardonnation #SpringWine - Boho Wine Party


This project turned out SO well! I will hopefully use this fabric again and again, and would also be cute for a wedding or bridal shower. 


- White or Natural Colored Cotton Fabric. I used 2 yards of fabric that was about $8 per yard. I do not recommend using super cheap fabric, unless you have to.

- Rubber Bands (all similar widths)

- Denim colored liquid dye

- Plastic to cover surface

- Bin to dye fabric in

- Water

#Chardonnation #SpringWine - Boho Wine Party


1.) Lay out your fabric onto a large, clean surface or the floor. Fabric should still be folded lengthwise from when you bought it.

2.) Accordion fold your fabric back and forth in 1"-2" sections, making sure to keep fabric folds as straight as possible.

3.) Once completely folded, use rubber bands to tie around the fabric to hold it all together. I recommend putting rubber bands here and there rather than evenly spaced.

4.) Wet fabric and prepare dye bath. In your plastic bin or container, add 6 gallons of hot water, and the full bottle of dye. 

5.) Add in your folded fabric, and stir around a bit with either rubber gloves or a. large spoon. Leave for 30 minutes, then flip and leave for another hour.

6.) Pull the fabric out of. the dye water a few inches and begin to squeeze to get all possible dye out. Place dyed fabric onto plastic surface, and dump dye water. Put fabric back into bin, begin to rinse again with fresh water, remove rubber bands, and rinse again. 

7.) Carefully transfer to washing machine and wash with a bit of detergent in warm water. Dry and iron fabric and enjoy!

#Chardonnation #SpringWine - Boho Wine Party

I hope you have enjoyed all of these fun ideas I shared in this post! Notable Wines are delicious and I recommend you try some for yourself. Have a wonderful Spring and Summer!

#Chardonnation #SpringWine - Boho Wine Party