Delicious Margaritas That You Will Want To Make Again and Again

Ever since I got my Ninja blender, the wide world of blended beverages has really opened up to me and I'm loving it! Our old, hand me down blender could hardly puree, and it sure couldn't handle ice very well. Nothing had a very uniform texture, and I would often have to rely on blending recipes with my food processor. I had NO idea what I was missing! I tend to make smoothies almost every day, and now I can even impress my friends with delicious margaritas and pina coladas. Everyone benefits, right?!

Strawberry Coconut Frozen Margaritas

This drink has hints of pineapple, coconut, strawberry, and just taste of the tequila is disguised very nicely.

One of the sweetest women contacted me recently, who works with a really amazing company called Drizly, and told me how much she loved this post I created last year, for these delicious Natural Grapefruit Cocktails. Drizly offers beer, wine, and liquor delivery services - great for those times when you are prepping for an event and forgot something, or when the weather isn't great and you seriously don't feel like bundling up, or putting on your rain gear - that's when I think it would be fun to give them a call. 

I feel like that grapefruit cocktail post really was a big turning point for me, and showed a more rustic, natural setting for the drinks. I began to realize how important a beautiful, well-worn surface was in food and drink photography. I am so happy she contacted me, because it means the absolute world to me to hear such kind words from people like her. She clearly knows a lot about the cocktail and alcohol industry, and the fact she found me is amazing. 


Below, you can see some of the ingredients I used in these amazing mararitas. They really compliment the tequila and the strawberry flavors well. I always go for as many organic and all-natural ingredients in my home as possible.

Strawberry Coconut Frozen Margaritas


1/2 - 1 C. Piedra Azul (or your favorite tequila) - find it on Drizly here

2 C. Frozen Strawberries

2 C. Fresh Strawberries

1 Lime, cut into wedges + Additional Lime Juice

1-2 Tbsp Agave Nectar

1 C or more - Pineapple Coconut Juice (shown above)

Blender + Glasses To Serve

Margarita Tips

Prep strawberries, and slice limes into wedges to get the maximum amount of juice from them. If you have a citrus press, feel free to use that. Add all ingredients into a blender, and at first, add only 1/2 C. of the tequila, taste, and see if it is to your liking. Also, add a much or as little of the ingredients as you want. These were a huge hit! For our second round, I incorporated a larger portion of the Pineapple Coconut Juice, and wow, was it amazing! Everyone really enjoyed these.

Delicious Strawberry Margaritas


I was so happy to find these cute, wooden "Celebrate" drink picks (shown below) at Party City. I simply grabbed some of the prettiest strawberries in the container, and poked the little wooden picks through them at an angle. Just think about how they're going to sit in your drink glasses to get the angle right.

Strawberry Coconut Frozen Margaritas
Strawberry Coconut Margaritas Recipe

When Drizly asked me to make a cocktail for them, and help promote their unique services I was more than happy to do so! Drizly offers alcohol delivery services in select cities around the country. I think that is an awesome idea, and here's how it works. "We work with local stores so you can shop their shelves using your smartphone or computer to order beer, wine and liquor at the touch of a button. You still have to drink it the old fashioned way, though." Their app offers a very streamlined way to order. 

Drizly also features recipes from bloggers, see some of them here. I learned about so many new blogs from the Drizly site. A couple of my faves are The Good Drink, and Darling Be Daring

Drizly was also very kind to reimburse me for my ingredients and materials for this post. 

Check here to see the Markets They Serve.