Chocolate Chip Cookie Stacks! (And A Video)

Thrilled to share one of my latest projects with you today, for these awesome Red White and Blue Chocolate Chip Cookie Stacks! HelloSociety was so kind to collaborate with us on this fun project.

Nabisco is helping us find unique ways to Remix Your BBQ this summer, and I really loved that theme as a jumping off point. It's fun to have had the opportunity to remix a well-known product, these Chips Ahoy! Chocolate Chip Cookies, add an explosion of red, white, and blue, and make them something new and fun!

How To Make Cookie Stacks

In a festive and colorful cupcake liner, place one cookie, then add your red icing in a flower pattern using a star icing tip, or the star-shaped icing tip that should be included with your icing tube you bought at the store. Watch my video in this post to see my technique. 

After adding your red icing, add star sprinkles, then another cookie on top. Add white icing, more sprinkles, and another cookie. Now, for the blue, top layer of icing! Be most careful with this layer, because you will see it right on top. Make your icing flower pattern, then add more sprinkles. and a pinwheel cupcake topper, and enjoy! These are SO cute!

I would also love to make some ombre Cookie Stacks, and thought it would be so fun to also do pastels or similar. Even traditional white icing would be fun with colorful sprinkles. 

How To Make Cookie Stacks