Mocha Meringue Cocktail With Sprinkles

Love iced coffee? Looking for a tasty, new cocktail recipe that is so easy to make and tastes delicious? This recipe can be made as a single drink, or make it for a party! Topped with meringue cookies, and covered in sprinkles, this drink makes for such a festive drink for any occasion!

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A little while back, I was browsing Instagram, and came upon this awesome company, Gypsy Vodka. I loved the free-spirited attitude they convey, and since my blog is called Lily The Wandering Gypsy, I figured I would reach out and see if they wanted to send me anything. They loved the idea, and sent me the prettiest bottle of vodka I have ever seen. The artwork is so pretty, and the bottle shape is super unique. Gypsy Vodka was founded in Michigan, and is very proud of that fact! #LetLoveConquer


1.) Prepare your sprinkles. Have you seen those cute designer sprinkle websites, that sell colorful, cheerful mixes of sprinkles at super high prices? Well, I am definitely inspired by them, but I sure didn't have the time to order offline, so I created my own! Here, I mixed some colorful star-shaped sprinkles from the dollar baskets at Target, and a few other sprinkles I had from the grocery store, and I love how they turned out! Below, you will see that I mixed white ball sprinkles, those itty-bitty multi colored ball sprinkles, and also the longer, more primary-colored sprinkles together. At first, I was unsure about how it would look, but I think the more textures and colors, the better for this one. Sprinkles are NOT an option here, friends!


2.) Melt chocolate and put into a shallow, round, glass jar or Pyrex/plastic container. One that is wider than your glasses, but not too deep. Dip the rim of each glass (shot glasses would also be adorable!!!), scrape off excess chocolate with a utensil, and dip the chocolate rim into the sprinkles. I used my hand to push sprinkles anywhere they did not get from the dipping process. Let these cool and let's mix the cocktail!

love this recipe!

3.) Mix your favorite pre-made mocha coffee with 1 shot of Gypsy Vodka over ice, or use this recipe:

1 part coffee liquor

 1/2 part chocolate liquor

1 part vanilla vodka

1/2 - 1 part heavy cream


So good!


2 oz. expresso or strong coffee

1 oz. vodka

1 oz coffee liquor

1/2 oz. simple syrup


Combine espresso, vodka, coffee liqueur, and simple syrup into a cocktail shaker and fill with ice. Shake well and strain into a chilled glass. Garnish as desired.

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Gypsy Vodka is naturally gluten free!

"We had only been out of college for a few months, working as consultants, and we had already grown unsatisfied with the 9-5 work life. We headed west to Breckenridge Colorado in search of inspiration and a new perspective. While in Colorado we met a whiskey distiller who lived nearby, and after talking to him, and feeling his passion for his craft, we set out to learn as much as we could about the art of distilling.  It wasn’t long before we too, were hooked, and Gypsy was born.  We didn’t just want to make vodka; we wanted to build a brand for young, free-spirited explorers like ourselves. 
The name Gypsy represents our lifestyle and reflects the way we live. Whether climbing the peaks of Colorado looking for the perfect sunset, or finding new family at a music festival, we were taught long before we graduated college that living the life you want is within your grasp.  We owe so much to the people who have shown us this, and Gypsy is as much theirs as it is ours.
The road to this point has not been easy. We have dedicated ourselves to our brand, spending long nights living out of our van and tent, seeking investors, and working too many odd jobs to count.  From festivals and ski shops, to party promotion and landscaping, we were able to muster up enough cash to turn our dream into a reality.
After exploring 50 different formulas and hosting countless taste tests, we believe Gypsy is the best tasting, smoothest vodka on the market. Gypsy is distilled with corn six times using only reverse osmosis treated water. Our specially selected American-grown corn brings out naturally sweet tones and subtle earthy notes that make the Gypsy experience like nothing else.
Cheers to your Gypsy Soul"
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