Happy Veteran's Day!

I wanted to share a super quick and easy recipe to add to your Veteran's Day fun! You may already have these two simple ingredients at home, so let's get started! 

Patriotic Pop Corn


- One Bag of Lightly Salted Pop Corn - I used something like this. *Do not use white cheddar, it won't taste as good* - You can also quickly pop some at home if you prefer! 

- One Bag Each of Blue and Red Candy Melts (pictured below). 

That's it. Here are some blue candy melts, below.


Two medium sized microwave-safe dishes, and two heat-safe spatulas (one for red, one for blue).

Patriotic Pop Corn Recipe


1.) Decide how much popcorn you want to use. You will need 8 candy melts per 1 cup of popcorn. The red ones coated the popcorn a bit more intensely than the blue ones did. 

2.) Melt the candy melts in the microwave at half power for 1 minute and stir. Melt again for 30 second intervals until you are satisfied with the texture. If you don't wish to use a microwave, a stovetop double-boiler method is best. Be very careful, candy will be HOT!!! Let candy sit for a few minutes to cool. Here is more info on melting the candy melts.

3. In each bowl, put desired amount of popcorn. Carefully drizzle the candy melts over top of the popcorn and stir each color with a large spatula.

4. Let popcorn mixtures cool separately for about an hour, until candied popcorn has hardened and cooled to room temperature. Mix the blue and red popcorn together in a fresh serving bowl. Serve and enjoy. 

Patriotic Pop Corn

Summer Fun!

I recently tried White Cheddar Skinny Pop, and Hubert's Raspberry Lemonade and I am in love!! They're actually a good combo for summer! I would definitely take this to the park or beach for a summer picnic. The flowers are from my new, favorite place near Carbondale, Chautauqua Bend Flower Farm

I also love this blanket by Domain, it's super soft and perfect for summer. I grabbed this bag from Sole Society a while back, and it has held up really great.

Those sandals, though! My favorite part of all of this is the Sam Edelman Studded Asbury Sandals. They're comfortable, very chic, and look amazing with everything I have paired them with so far. 

This popcorn  is addicting! 

This popcorn is addicting! 

What are your summer picnic essentials? 

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