An Adorable Gift Idea - Spin For Perfect Skin & Coffee Cacao Coconut Sugar Scrub #VPbeauty

I wanted to share a little DIY project with you, and tell you all about a wonderful Mother's Day gift idea from Vanity Planet! Keep reading to learn more about this Shabby Chic Birdcage Gift Basket, the Vanity Planet Spin For Perfect Skin, and the Vanity Planet Coffee + Cacao + Coconut Sugar Scrub. This DIY is SO easy, let's get started!!

Let's Make A Gift Basket!! 

Materials Needed -

1 birdcage, large enough to fit your gifts (I found this one at JoAnns)

Silk Flowers (I chose peonies - I used about 4-5)

Pink Paper Crinkles

Vanity Planet Spin For Perfect Skin Brush, Vanity Planet Sugar Scrub

That's it!

I filled the birdcage with paper crinkles, to make add a pop of color, and to make sure the body scrub and spin brush fit in the birdcage properly. I love how it looks. 

Top off the gifts with some silk flower heads to hide them a bit. love how well the presents fit inside of this shabby chic birdhouse. 

So, here's what is inside of this amazing gift basket. The Spin For Perfect Skin gift set comes with FOUR brush heads, which is awesome! My current spin brush is great, so this set will last w very long time. I love the addition of this larger brush head (it measures a few inches across), because it's perfect for your neck, chest, and back. I think it's a good idea to have a separate spin brush head for your face compared to the rest of your body. I also really like the pumice stone head. This is a bit more than anything I need at this point, but a lot of people would absolutely LOVE this!! Get your skin ready for summer with this awesome gift set. The sugar scrub was nice too. Read more about that below. 

Cute Gift Basket!

Below, you will see the brush head that I have on my current spin brush, as well as an even softer brush head, that might be nice around your eyes. 

Spin Brush

This Bru Coffee + Coconut Cacao Sugar Scrub contains "dead sea salt, organic kona coffee, organic olive oil, sweet almond oil, organic grape seed oil, coffee arabica seed oil, organic shea butter, and natural fragrance extracts". When I first opened it, I could instantly smell the coffee. It smells very fresh, and not only like coffee, but a very pleasant mix of sweetness as well. 

I would definitely recommend opening this over the sink or the tub, because it is a bit messy, but is very easily containable (if that makes sense...). This scrub is more oily than others I have used. I wound up needing to use another soap to fully remove it from my skin. But, it's very luscious, and I am so glad it contains almost 100% organic ingredients. That's very hard to find! 

This Essential Body Scrub "hydrates, moisturizes, and stimulates blood flow while targeting cellulite and stretch marks. It exfoliates dead skin" and smooths your skin out very nicely.