Organic Grilled Chicken and Local Fresh Green Beans

I am all about fresh ingredients and making easy yet delicious meals. This Grilled Organic Chicken and Local Organic Green Beans are one of my favorite meals ever.


{For The Marinade}

I just add a dash of this and that until I am happy with the consistency. Basically you want this to be as thick as possible, while still being fluid enough to fully coat all of your raw chicken. This is always my go-to marinade, and I am always SO happy with it! 

 Olive oil

Worcestershire sauce 

Zataran's seasoning mix,

Ranch Mix Seasoning 

Tomato Basil Seasoning Mix 

And Soy Sauce.

{Other Ingredients}

Organic, Raw Chicken Breast Tenderloins which I prefer over Raw Chicken Breasts, because they're already cut into strips.

Red Onion

Fresh Green Beans 

More seasoning for beans


1.) Prep your chicken. Mix all marinade ingredients in a medium-sized bowl, and once mixed, add chicken. Toss to coat. Turn on your grill to medium high heat.

2.) Cover that bowl, and put it into the fridge. Now, boil a pot of water that will fit your beans.

3.) Let's get the green beans ready! Cut the ends off of your beans, and also cut them in half. Once water is boiling, add beans and a little bit of salt, and boil around 8 minutes, until beans are tender enough to easily cut into but not super soft, unless you prefer them that way.

4.) Right after the beans go into the boiling water, spray non-stick spray onto your grill, and use tongs to add chicken to the grill. Also feel free to add large slices of red onion here too. After 304 minutes, flip the chicken - you will see these gorgeous grill marks!

5.) Once beans are tender, drain them, and before transferring them back into the pot, heat a couple of teaspoons of olive oil, and add chopped red onion, salt, and any other seasonings you would like. This is also a great time to use bacon bits, if you have them on hand. Once the onions are soft, add the beans back in, and coat with the onion + olive oil mixture, and cook until happy.

6.) Plate your delicious, fresh, and healthy meal on a cute wooden tray for more of an elegant look! Enjoy!

Delicious Chicken and Green Beans

Below, you can see the gorgeous display of local green beans and Heirloom garlic, from The Neighborhood Co-Op in Carbondale. 

Green Beans and Garlic