Music Festival Camping Tips with Coleman at Target

This post has been sponsored by Coleman®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Happy Memorial Day Week!

This weekend, I am attending the Summer Camp Music Festival and I am so excited. It’s been almost ten years since I first attended, so I am really looking forward to seeing old friends and listening to some live music. (I will share some photos of the event in this post throughout the weekend!!)

It’s important to set up a cute campsite to have as your home base for the weekend, and the NEW Coleman® Dark Room Tent is a great option you might want to consider! Head to Target to find everything you need for all of your upcoming adventures, and save on Coleman products with this Ibotta rebate offer here!

Since music festival season is upon us, I wanted to share some tips and tricks on how to make camping at a music festival even better, beginning with considering your tent.

Coleman Darkroom Tent at Target #MusicFestival

This tent comes with a convenient carrying bag too!

Head to Target to get inspiration for your upcoming festivals and summer gatherings!

Coleman In-Store
Coleman In-Store Photo

One of the features I find most appealing about the Coleman® Dark Room Tent would be the roomy interior, which is great for holding everything during the festival - plus, being able to change in the tent is priceless! There is more than enough room for us in here.

I love the dark outer fabric (which is considered their Dark Room Technology), that blocks light! Since you will likely be camping around a lot of other people, it’s so sweet that this tent’s rainfly blocks 90% of sunlight so you can sleep in past sunrise. Since a lot of music festivals have festival goers camp in open fields without trees, shade is very important. If your tent gets super hot in the morning the moment the sun shines on it, think of just how HOT you would be when you’re trying to get some good rest before another big festival day. Getting a little extra sleep is really amazing.

This tent is pretty easy to set up. I would recommend at least having two people on the job, but it’s pretty easy to find a friend to help you set up your tent in this situation. There are three poles, two that go into the actual tent, and one pole that gives the rainfly a nice awning, which would reduce any water dripping into your tent.

Speaking of rainy weather, you never know what to expect here in the Midwest, but this tent will keep you nice and dry because of the WeatherTec system, which uses a tub-like floor with welded corners and protected seams.

One of my favorite parts of any camping trip is actually when we get to head to bed. I do love that part of the night where we get to retire into our ultra comfy sleeping bags, cots, and our awesome, sunlight blocking tent.

In addition to awesome camping gear, we have lots of fun ideas of how to decorate our campsite, a few of which are shown throughout the post.

A dream catcher was so adorable and easy to hang, plus it brings that whimsical element into your campsite.

My favorite décor item would probably be adding an extra large sunflower (from a craft store), which I attached with zip ties.

Use 2 white twin sized sheets and zip ties or ribbons to add inviting softness and volume to your tent. I first folded one sheet in half to find the center. I then attached that to the sheets in an arched pattern. I used two sheets, but you could use a few more to get an even more festive and inviting look.

Think of your campsite as a living room of sorts, and try to create a relaxed, comfortable environment for your group, or for friends you might meet at the festival. Use outdoor rugs, tapestries, solar lights and more to personalize your campsite and make it stand out.

Prepare for the summer with the Coleman® Dark Room Tent and enjoy!

Music Festival Prep - Top Skincare Ideas and More!

If you're heading to a music festival this year, have you thought about your pre-ffestival skincare routine? Feel your best and most confident with two awesome products that are infused with charcoal. Meet the Bioré® Self Heating One Minute Mask and the Bioré Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips at Amazon. They are also available at Target.

it's best to get started with your new skincare routine at least a few weeks in advance, so you are sure that you are comfortable with what any product does to your skin. These two products were very lightly scented and washed off super well - they left my skin feeling super cleaned and fresh!

Remember, clear skin means that all of those cute festival clothes will look amazing on you!! 

one minute to clear pores


1. Deep clean with masks and pore strips.

In addition to the Bioré Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips, shown above, I have been using the Bioré® Self Heating One Minute Mask twice a week. They give my skin a "finally clean" feeling, that also doesn't feel super tight and dried out. Since it does remove white a bit of oil too, I will surely use it even more regularly once the weather begins to get hot and humid in a month or so - just when festival season begins. 

I do believe that the mask has helped me get lots of blackheads out, which I thought were there to stay forever. My forehead had a pesky breakout that would not go away. After using the mask twice, I only have a couple left! Not bad. This mask heats up in your hands, so it's like a spa treatment of sorts. I love the warmth on my face, it's really relaxing. 

Incorporate deep cleaning into your skincare routine with pore strips and deep cleansing facial masks. 

2. Moisturize

Even though ti may be more humid during festival season, it's important to continue to moisturize your face and body, which will in turn make your skin super smooth and ready to go! 

3. Avoid Excessive Dairy and Sugar Consumption

One easy way to get your skin AND your body looking great is to avoid drinking lots of milk or eating a lot of cheese. I wound up giving up my daily milk and cereal "habit", and my skin has never looked better! I also find that it is much easier to keep off that excess few lbs without having to do a ton of extra physical activity when I simply avoid milk. That is fo course just my observation. Of course, sugary sodas and juices and desserts can also have the safe effects. 

4. Plan on using a higher SPF

Avoid excessive sun exposure by giving into using a higher SPF in the 50-100 range. You will still surely get a tan without having skin damage later in life. Pack a skin-friendly, spray style sun tan lotion every few hours, even if you won't be in direct sun. 

5. Exfoliate

With the possibility of wearing sandals and light, airy clothing throughout the whole festival, you might want to try exfoliating your skin 2-3 times a week. Your skin will be baby smooth and if you follow up with lotion, you're all set. 

6. Get some rest

Since you might be walking around, dancing, and staying up a little bit later during the festival, it's important to store up a bit of rest that time leading up to the event. 

Check out links to purchase the products below! Available on and at Target. 

A Summer Boho Makeup Idea For Music Festivals #playbeautifully with e.l.f.

Summer festivals are in full swing, and I am so incredibly inspired by the makeup trends and clothing styles. I am beyond happy that the boho look has lasted this long, and I hope it's here to stay for a long time. I wanted to share a few makeup items that I would definitely recommend taking to your next music festival, or wearing to your next concert! 

boho beauty #playbeautifully
featured makeup

boho beauty #playbeautifully

My favorite items were these three lip colors, and they're all around $3.00 - the perfect price for trying out a new color to see if it's something you are going to wear more than once. 


The lip lacquer, in purple had TONS of color to it, and I know that purple lips have been so popular this summer. The middle one, the hypershine gloss, in vixen, was also very bright, in a good way, and very flattering with just about any makeup look. The SPF 15 lip sunscreen, although the color is nude, I loved the hint of color, and light shimmer (not glittery, luckily), and I also really like the fact that this has SPF. It's incredibly smooth and creamy, making me think that this would be perfect for any time you head out this summer. 


I am constantly inspired by all of the amazing, boho fashion and makeup ideas I find on Pinterest on a daily basis! I created a Pinterest Board, called Music Festival & Concert Fashion, where I keep track of all of my finds! 

boho beauty #playbeautifully

Below, you can see how lovely the Lip Balm with SPF 15 looks! I can see this color (nude) looking great on so many skin tones. And, this won't make it look like you're wearing a ton of makeup. Just enhance your natural beauty, and also protect your lips - they're so sensitive that they deserve a bit of protection! 

boho beauty #playbeautifully

Boho Wonders by Free People

Free People is offering up some beautifully styled eye candy. Check out these amazing Boho looks that I wish I could pull off. What are your thoughts?

Love the dress  + the sandals so much in this look! And, that hat is the only accessory she really needs. 

Love the dress + the sandals so much in this look! And, that hat is the only accessory she really needs. 

I really love  this style of dress  for chilling at home when it's warm out. Nothing as good as this! 

I really love this style of dress for chilling at home when it's warm out. Nothing as good as this! 

An amazing hat  will make summer more memorable, seriously!

An amazing hat will make summer more memorable, seriously!

Tips For Camping At A Music Festival (Or Anywhere) - A Complete Guide

Tickets are already on sale for many of the bigger summer music festivals. Coachella is happening very soon, too! I wanted to share some camping tips with you so that you don't have to worry about being that person sleeping under a tent that has fallen in on itself or gets a puddle of rain inside, rendering the whole weekend a "wash"! If you're looking for ideas on What To Wear To A Festival, check out this post here



A good tent is the first step to ensuring that you have a good night's sleep, and that your personal belongings are safe. I have never had anything go missing from my tent or campsite, but if you want to be safe, get a small lock for your tent zippers and DO NOT lose the key :) I also like to toss my cooler in the car or under the tent vestibule while I am off seeing music or away from the campsite. 

Also be sure to set your tent up properly. Make sure to set your tent up ahead of time in the yard a time or twi before the big weekend! My dream tent (above), is one you can stand up in, comfortably fits two cots, and has a bit of extra room for your clothing bags and food bin. You don't need to spend a fortune, but if you get yourself a better tent that that crappy $50 one from a big box store, you can keep it for years, rather than tossing it after the zipper breaks from your first use. 

An Ez-Up Shade Tent is incredibly valuable for its' shade factor. It's also a great place to stake out your camp site, and is like a little living room. Hang tapestries, and even set up your tent under it for lots of extra shade and sleep time in the mornings! Make sure to stake the tent down, so it isn't affected by wind. Sometimes, staking it down doesn't always help - a huge storm crumpled my Ez-Up like it was made from aluminum foil, because we had used the provided bolts to attach the top fabric part. So, just check the weather if possible. Most of the time they will be fine :) 


Alite Monarch Camping Chair 

Alite Monarch Camping Chair 

A good Camping Chair is very important, since chilling at the campsite is a big part of a festival camping experience. Make sure it has a cup holder :) We love our Alite Chairs so much and they pack down so small. Make sure to stow these away when you leave your campsite though, they might just "walk away" if you leave them out. They weigh nothing and are super nice. 

A regular camping chair ($20 or so) will do just fine! And, feel free to bring a couple of extra chairs to sit around your campsite, to invite friends and neighbors over for a drink! 


A good sleeping bag is key to any good night's sleep. I have had my Cat's Meow Sleeping Bag from The North Face for a while now, and always fall sleep right away when I get into this thing. It's pretty warm, so if you're going to be at a festival that is also warm at night, bring a couple of flat cotton sheets and a lightweight blanket. Something that's washable preferably, and nothing that grandma made, it may get dirty or be used on the ground for a nap in the afternoon. 

GET A COT - It's not likely that you will be near a power source, so instead of a clunky air mattress that can easily pop, do yourself a favor and get a foldable cot. You will get the best sleep of anyone in your camp! Here is one cot option (shown below), and the ones we have are old school, from Go-Kot, but work super well. If you get good rest, then you will be a happy festival goer! 

Mesh Stuff Sacks - Sea To Summit

Mesh Stuff Sacks - Sea To Summit


If you're lucky enough to be attending a festival with decent shower facilities, I would recommend bringing a mesh bag that you can hang in the shower with you, so that you can bring the essentials with you, and hang them from the shower bar or hook. I use these ones by Sea To Summit for every adventure and LOVE them! 

GoToobs are amazing! I take them with me on every road trip or camping trip, and they would hold more than enough shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and body wash for a long weekend festival! They're SO well made and you can even wash them in the dishwasher if you need to. 


Foam flip flops are amazing as shower shoes, and then you can wear them at the site, or walking around to shows, if you wind up liking them. I absolutely LOVE my Teva Flip Flops, and can walk a long way in them, on many surfaces. They last forever, I get a new pair every year or so. 


A good cooler is the basis for making or breaking a festival. You can always buy food from vendors at a festival, but I absolutely try and avoid eating greasy, yucky vendor foods that make you feel so gross! Hey, the comforts of home are not always at hand, so eat and drink wisely :)

Most festivals do not allow glass containers, so plan accordingly. Don't bring glass bottles of beer, bring cans. Don't bring a glass bottle of liquor, pour it into a plastic container with a tightly sealing lid. Bring LOTS of mixers if you like mixed drinks. I would also recommend bringing a slew of airplane bottles of liquor, so you can easily bring them with you as you walk around to shows, and visit campsites! It's easy to find a mixer most of the time. 


Other tips...

Keep your campsite clean! A few times throughout the day, and one of the first things you can do each morning is gather trash and food stuff, and toss it into a garbage bag. Lots of festivals are encouraging recycling (yay!!), and will provide a few clear trash bags for you to keep plastics and cans in. 

Have FUN!!! Enjoy :) 

Blue Life Swimwear by Planet Blue

Summer is in full swing and most of us could definitely use a new suit! I found an amazing brand called Blue Life Swimwear by Planet Blue, and I am in LOVE! I have rounded up some of my favorite styles of their suits, and have them all here for you! some of them are even on sale, so grab these while they're still around!!!!! 

Shop These Suits (Below):  Red and White (or here) - Tie Dyed - Blue with White - Styled With Hats - Dark Blue Tie Dye (or here) - Black With White - Black Tie Dye Bikini (or here

How To Make Boho Fringe Festival Boots - Embellish Your Boots For Summer

Summer festival season is upon us and I have a cute DIY tutorial for you to try. I made these for about $14, and all I had to buy was the boots and the fringe trim. If you already have boots, a glue gun, and ribbons and trims, these could be practically FREE to make! These are such a cute addition to your summer festival wardrobe and outfits. If you make some, please comment below with a link to your photo! 

How To Make Boho Fringe Boots


1 Pair of Boots - Glue Gun & Glue Sticks - Scissors - Boho Ribbons and Trims (about 3/4 -1 Yard each) - 1 Yard of Fringe (Not Pictured) - 1-2 Skinny Belts That Can Be Cut In Half

How To Make Boho Fringe Boots

Next, lay your ribbons and trim over the boots to see where you want them. I glued my ribbon on much lower than this photo shows, this way I could add fringe to the top. 


Below, you will see the interior side of the boots. Cut the trims so they line up half way around the back. These raw edges will be covered by a final layer of ribbon for a finishing touch. 

How To Make Boho Fringe Boots

Below, you will see the ribbons/trims after I hot-glued them all on. The raw edges will soon be covered with ribbon. I used a cheap, low-heat hot glue gun, and it worked super well on these materials! My boots were made of an ultra-suede like material. If you are using leather boots, you may need to use a fabric-ready, 2 part Epoxy, or E-6000. 

How To Make Boho Fringe Boots

Next, cut your belt in half, and decide where you want to position the buckle. The outer side of the boots will look best, as you will see in my first photo.  

How To Make Boho Fringe Festival Boots

Do a test placement of the belt, and then mark where the new buckle hole needs to be, so the belt fits around the boot. Cut the new hole, so that the belt fits snugly around the bottom of the boot, but not too tight. I used an awl from a multi-tool, but a sharp X-Acto Knife would also work. Be super careful not to cut yourself or the work surface. (See below) 

You will see that I also added the ribbon to go up the side of the boot. Glue this in place, making sure to only glue half way up. The fringe will also go under this ribbon!

Make sure your ribbon covers any rough edges of the ribbons. (See Above)

How To Make Boho Fringe Boots

Let's get your fringe ready! This fringe really makes the boots super cute! Cut your yard of fringe in half, and position it around the top of the boot. Cut the fringe to fit all the way around each boot. Hot glue ribbon to the top of the fringe, for a cute boho look. 

How To Make Boho Fringe Boots

Glue the fringe around the top of the boots. Then, hot glue the ribbon over your fringe, and fold into the inside of the boot, for a finished look. I cut a few of the fringe pieces off, that would be under the ribbon, but that's optional.

How To Make Boho Fringe Boots

And you're done! You are ready to and the night away at your next festival!  

How To Make Boho Fringe Boots
How To Make Boho Fringe Boots
How To Make Boho Fringe Festival Boots - DIY Tutorial
How To Make Boho Fringe Festival Boots

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What To Wear To A Music Festival

Summer is fast approaching, and many music festivals already have tickets on sale, and initial lineups announced. If you are lucky enough to be attending a music festival or two this year, here are a few fashionable suggestions. I always tend to go for more boho styles, and have been to about 20+ festivals, and hundreds of concerts.  Also, for TONS of inspirations, check out my Pinterest Board called Music Festival and Concert Fashion


Hats are a MUST if you're going to be out in the sun all day. They not only protect your beautiful face, but they help keep your hair tamed while you are camping. You may even want to bring some dry shampoo, in case a shower isn't as easy to find as expected. Make sure you bring a good SPF, too!! Make sure you drink plenty of water (in addition to whatever else you drink!!), stay in the shade when possible, and try to avoid heat exhaustion and sunburn, as it will completely ruin your festival experience.


I always opt for flat shoes, with some padding or support if possible, whether they are sandals, sneakers, or boots. The benefit to closed toe shoes would be that you can wear ankle socks underneath them. I like to wear something with some cushion - YOU WILL BE WALKING AND DANCING A LOT! I do think it's fun to go a bit dressier in style, rather than your oldest kicks, as shoes can make or break an outfit. Just know that whatever shoes you wear will get dusty and dirty, so don't bring your nicest shoes, or ones that you can't replace. And, make sure they are versatile for whatever outfits you create. I love the idea of embellishing your own boots, too! 



If you're wondering what to pack for a festival, make sure you bring clothes that are comfortable, good for the weather, and feel free to show a little bit of skin! The majority of the girls there will be, so let loose and have fun with your outfits! Bring a few bikini tops, band shirt, tank tops, kimonos, distressed denim shorts, skirts, and lots of fun, boho jewelry and hair accessories. 


Pile on the bracelets, long necklaces, ankle bracelets, rings, flower crowns, headbands, and metallic temporary tattoos. These types of accessories can really make an ordinary outfit jump into the boho realm in no time! Also a little body paint may be fun if you are talented with a brush. Make sure you don't get any crazy tan lines/marks though :) A backpack purse or a bag with a  long strap is also great, so your hands can stay free while dancing your heart out! 

Well, I hope you've enjoyed some of my Festival Inspirations! Check out MY PINS for tons more inspiration! 

Brightly Twisted!

I have a soft spot in my heart for beautiful tie dyed goods! I even have a Tie Dyes board on Pinterest. The mixing of sometimes unexpected or pleasantly complimentary colors that blend in unique ways really amaze me. Each piece is incredibly unique, no matter how hard you try to make two alike. I tried my hand at doing a little bit of tie dye work a few years ago, and I know how much time and effort each and every piece takes. So, when my friends at Brightly Twisted asked me if they could send me some of their beautiful work, I said, heck yes! I have admired their work for quite a while now. Although they didn't ask me for anything in return, I chose to take a few photos of their work and share it here! I wish I could convey just how incredibly soft all of their materials are, some made from Bamboo!

Brightly Twisted Tie Dyed Cotton Tote
Cute Scarf by Brightly Twisted

I have a few more things to share, but since it's all ice and snow here in southern Illinois right now, I will be taking photos once I get somewhere a bit warmer :) So, for now, check out the super talented Brightly Twisted