My Favorite Fall Outfit + Tips On Wearing Over The Knee Boots From DSW

Well, this is my final post for DSW. It's been SO much fun creating a series of five posts for this project, and I am so proud to present you with this final outfit. I think it compliments these Over The Knee Boots so well. Last week, I styled these boots with a paisley printed dress and an Army style jacket. Now that the weather is a bit more chilly, and since I have been seeing these awesome jackets all over Pinterest, I went to search for one of my own! 

I’m sharing #DSW in my life as part of a Designer Shoe Warehouse sponsored series for Socialstars™. All opinions and content are my own. #MyDSW. 

#MyDSW Fall Outfit

This time, I paired these awesome boots with an outfit I want to wear again and again! A beautiful, tan jacket, maroon skinnies with lots of stitching details, and a pale pink turtleneck sweater (with those fun shoulder cutouts). I would be SO warm in this outfit, it would definitely fight off the chill really well. 

Find the Unisa Saranaa Over The Knee Boots in Charcoal Faux Suede on DSW.

Cotton in Hand

The adidas Sneakers I Love For Fall with DSW

I am absolutely thrilled to present you with our latest collaboration - with a company that I love so very much! I’m sharing #DSW in my life as part of a Designer Shoe Warehouse sponsored series for Socialstars™. All opinions and content are my own. #MyDSW

As the weather {finally} starts getting chilly, as much as I love my sandals, I get so excited to wear regular shoes! I love the fact that sneakers are trending so much right now, and I also love the trend of more cropped length jeans with freyed hemlines. The combo of a new pair of sneakers and these jeans makes my heat go pitter patter :) 

These adidas NEO Courtset Sneakers are available on DSW, and I love that the toe box is roomy. I really need to be able to wiggle my toes when I'm wearing sneakers (especially with socks on), and these are perfect. 

I absolutely love the bright, white details on top of the Navy Blue sneakers. They also come in a grey and white color way that is gorgeous! 

adidas NEO sneakers
love these sneakers!
fall sneaker trends
pretty flower
love these shoes :)
love these shoes!

I shot some of these images at Twig Floral Design in Carbondale, IL. It's a cute store, with tons of home decor items.

cute store - ready for Halloween

Top 10 Booties For Fall - Starting at $25

SO excited for Fall! Yesterday kind of seemed to mark the first day of cooler, Fall temperatures, which I am thrilled about! So sick of wearing shorts and dresses at this point, and I am super excited to wear leggings, boots/booties, and long sleeves. The southern Illinois heat and humidity really kicked my butt this year, so it's my time to enjoy the weather again {finally}!!!

So, I rounded up some of the cutest booties around, and you can click on the images to shop any of them. Prices start at $25.00 and go up from there. Enjoy!!!

What To Wear On A Road Trip

It's so important to stay comfortable yet chic while traveling. I am not the type to throw on some loose fitting sweats and head out in public. I understand how comfy it would be, but there are also lots of items you can wear that look more pulled-together but feel amazingly comfy still! Here are a few ideas for you, that can span across multiple climates and beyond!


I like to at least have a cute pair of sneakers, and I could not live without my Birkenstocks for any trip I ever take. I often like to have a pair of waterproof and lightweight flip flops, because they don't take up much room, and are worth the tiny space they take up! 


I tend to like to mix longer shirts with my comfy leggings, so here are a couple of ideas for you! And, they really don't look like they would wrinkle at all. 


While some denim jackets can be kind of constricting, if you find one that is lighter materials, or just worn in really well, put this great piece on over just about anything, and you will look like hot sh*t :) I always love a great jacket. I have also seen some great stretchy blazer style jackets that could also work pretty well here. 

A Perfectly Worn  Denim Jacket  

A Perfectly Worn Denim Jacket 


Of course, a couple of high quality pair of leggings will be your go-to pair of pants for every day you're in the car. Of course, please feel free to style them with boots and booties, sneakers, flats, sandals, and even a wedge heel! 


I always try to bring one large purse, so I can stuff my life's essentials into one place in the car. I love this leather bag, below, because it is well made and very roomy. I have made the mistake of bringing cheaper purses in the $20-30 range on road trips, and the lining always tears out, I am heartbroken, and have to toss the purse along the way! Good luck finding a cute purse in the middle of nowhere.

A Large Purse  is important. And, make sure it's nicer, maybe made of leather...

A Large Purse is important. And, make sure it's nicer, maybe made of leather...

A Smaller Purse  can be taken into a shop or a restaurant much easier than a larger purse. 

A Smaller Purse can be taken into a shop or a restaurant much easier than a larger purse. 

That's all for now! Are you heading anywhere soon? Let me know in the comments, below. 

How To Make Boho Fringe Festival Boots - Embellish Your Boots For Summer

Summer festival season is upon us and I have a cute DIY tutorial for you to try. I made these for about $14, and all I had to buy was the boots and the fringe trim. If you already have boots, a glue gun, and ribbons and trims, these could be practically FREE to make! These are such a cute addition to your summer festival wardrobe and outfits. If you make some, please comment below with a link to your photo! 

How To Make Boho Fringe Boots


1 Pair of Boots - Glue Gun & Glue Sticks - Scissors - Boho Ribbons and Trims (about 3/4 -1 Yard each) - 1 Yard of Fringe (Not Pictured) - 1-2 Skinny Belts That Can Be Cut In Half

How To Make Boho Fringe Boots

Next, lay your ribbons and trim over the boots to see where you want them. I glued my ribbon on much lower than this photo shows, this way I could add fringe to the top. 


Below, you will see the interior side of the boots. Cut the trims so they line up half way around the back. These raw edges will be covered by a final layer of ribbon for a finishing touch. 

How To Make Boho Fringe Boots

Below, you will see the ribbons/trims after I hot-glued them all on. The raw edges will soon be covered with ribbon. I used a cheap, low-heat hot glue gun, and it worked super well on these materials! My boots were made of an ultra-suede like material. If you are using leather boots, you may need to use a fabric-ready, 2 part Epoxy, or E-6000. 

How To Make Boho Fringe Boots

Next, cut your belt in half, and decide where you want to position the buckle. The outer side of the boots will look best, as you will see in my first photo.  

How To Make Boho Fringe Festival Boots

Do a test placement of the belt, and then mark where the new buckle hole needs to be, so the belt fits around the boot. Cut the new hole, so that the belt fits snugly around the bottom of the boot, but not too tight. I used an awl from a multi-tool, but a sharp X-Acto Knife would also work. Be super careful not to cut yourself or the work surface. (See below) 

You will see that I also added the ribbon to go up the side of the boot. Glue this in place, making sure to only glue half way up. The fringe will also go under this ribbon!

Make sure your ribbon covers any rough edges of the ribbons. (See Above)

How To Make Boho Fringe Boots

Let's get your fringe ready! This fringe really makes the boots super cute! Cut your yard of fringe in half, and position it around the top of the boot. Cut the fringe to fit all the way around each boot. Hot glue ribbon to the top of the fringe, for a cute boho look. 

How To Make Boho Fringe Boots

Glue the fringe around the top of the boots. Then, hot glue the ribbon over your fringe, and fold into the inside of the boot, for a finished look. I cut a few of the fringe pieces off, that would be under the ribbon, but that's optional.

How To Make Boho Fringe Boots

And you're done! You are ready to and the night away at your next festival!  

How To Make Boho Fringe Boots
How To Make Boho Fringe Boots
How To Make Boho Fringe Festival Boots - DIY Tutorial
How To Make Boho Fringe Festival Boots

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Cute Heels!

ModCloth is a wonderful website, filled with all sorts of feminine dresses, shoes, and accessories. Their newest shoes are so adorable! I love the photography they have switched to, also. This really makes me want warmer weather to arrive ASAP!!!