Football Party Craft Idea

I had so much fun with my #GameDayGrubMatch project earlier this month, and as I was shooting those images, I shot a few extras to show you just how fun and easy it is to customize your party by adding something extra special to the food you're eating!

cute DIY

I used these cute food containers in my project for PepsiCo and their #GameDayGrubMatch contest! They would fit your popcorn chicken, snacks, and more! Read the whole post here.

Cute DIY


French Fry containers, Football Stickers (I like the 3-D ones), green ribbon, clear tape, double sided tape, and scissors. I found the fry boxes at Hobby Lobby, and they are so cute! 

Cute DIY Idea

Cut a length of ribbon that will wrap around the fry boxes. 

Cute DIY

Attach the ribbon to the front of the fry box with double stick tape. Then, wrap the ribbon around to the back, and tape the ribbon with the regular tape. 

Cute DIY
Cute DIY

Simply, attach the football stickers to the front of the fry boxes and fill with your game day snacks! 

Cute DIY!