Pinterest Party Inspirations ~ Mermaid Life Party

Vacationing here in Florida makes me appreciate Mermaid Life so much! It's so nice being near the ocean, coral reefs, lots of beautiful boats, and imagining what a mermaid would want for her party :) So, I found some amazing ideas on Pinterest that would work for a woman or girl or just about any age, to help inspire her next party, whether it be a birthday, graduation, retirement, or just about any excuse to get together with friends and celebrate the mermaid life. Click on the photos of links throughout the post to visit the sources, and of course gain even more inspiration.

1.) The Cutest Mermaid Party Award definitely goes to Garvin & Co, for her daughter's Mermaid Inspired Party! Read the whole post here, and be amazed at how much attention she pays to every little detail, from party tablescape, to balloon backdrop, mermaid costumes, and of course, the cutest Mermaid food EVER! I love her whole blog, actually, it's so inspiring - her life looks like so much fun! Also, check out her stunning Instagram page for lots of lifestyle photos that are out of this world beautiful. 

2.) Use Madeline Molds To Make Popsicles! (found on Pinterest here). You could of course go with more tropical themed flavors, like pineapple, mango, coconut, and anything else your heart desires! In fact, you could even make these vegan by using a base of coconut milk, or simply puree fruit, add lemon juice and simple syrup, and freeze them. If you're looking for lots of popsicle recipes, I have a whole Pinterest Board dedicated to Popsicle Recipes, containing over 450 recipes

3.) DIY Mermaid Salt Scrub Party Favors - these salt scrubs are everywhere here in the Florida Keys. They're reminiscent of the salty sea, and can be made in a variety of beautiful, pastel, sea-inspired colors. They would also make amazing party favors for your beautiful mermaid attendees! Here is one idea, below, from Love Vividly (another incredibly adorable blog), which would leave your skin feeling as soft and as smooth as a mermaid! Aren't the colors incredibly perfect?

4.) I also thought that this DIY Mermaid Crown would be fun to create as a party activity! Learn how to Turn A Dollar Store Crown Into A Mermaid Tiara!!! You can simply embellish those dollar store crowns with starfish, seashells, slitter, paint, vintage jewelry, glitter, and shimmery paints. 

5.) Oh my goodness, this jellyfish decor is the best thing ever! While the exact instructions are not given in the post, I would imagine you could start with a paper lantern, paint it teal/aqua, cover it with tulle, then hang coordinating ribbons, yarns, and tinsel from the bottom to create the jellyfish tendrils. They created three colors like lilac purple, pale blue, and aqua.  

And, this name sign is amazing! Start with those paper mache letters, paint them a sea themed color, add glitter (of course), and adorn with some shells and netting. Too cute!

6.) Mermaid Desserts! With a little bit of imagination, you can take almost all of your desserts into the Mermaid Life theme! Below, Sweets With Love shares her photo of these little mermaid tail and seashell topped cookies or donuts! You could use candy molds to create the shapes, then paint them with edible colors in pastels and shimmery gold. Include some edible glitter too, why not?!

7.) Another featured party that would make any mermaid happy would be this one, also featured here, that uses shades of coral, aqua, and sunshine yellow. Each and every details is absolutely perfect, right down to the gold sequin table cloth and shimmering cake pop sticks. 

And, these candies are perfect!

8.) This Barbie Mermaid themed party, from TomKatStudios is beyond amazing! These cute Oyster Pearl Cookies are perfect. The pearl portion could be a gumball, and finding some shell cookie cutters would be easy, too.

Hopefully these ideas have inspired you to create or host a Mermaid Party of your own! Enjoy :)

Best Mermaid Party Ideas

4-Ingredient, No Churn Conversation Heart Ice Cream Recipe + An Amazing New Shopping List App - Board To Table

Check out this exciting new App, that takes your Pinterest recipes and makes a shopping lost for you, right on your phone! Also, this Valentine's Day Ice Cream recipe is divine - you will definitely want to make it for someone you love :)

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Blogging & Social Media Conferences To Check Out!

Have you ever attended a conference? If it is on the top of your priority list, I have gathered info on a few that look really, really good! I hope to expand on this list, so please comment below if I missed any events. Thank you SO much for checking out these fun conferences!!!

alt summit

AltITUDE Summit - January

Altitude Summit began in Salt Lake City (Founded in 2009), and 2016 marks the last year that the conference will be held in SLC. I consider this the leading lady when it comes to social media or blogger conferences. The 2017 Event will be held in Palm Springs, which is already sold out! 

Blog Post Credit: Passports and Pancakes Photo Credit: Justin Hackworth Photography

FIND THEM: Website // Facebook // Instagram // Pinterest // Twitter

Create + Cultivate - January

January 2016, Create + Cultivate, will be held in Dallas! I am attending this amazing event, and cannot wait to learn from the top bloggers and creative people in the blogging business today! 

Create + Cultivate has been held in places like L.A. and Chicago, and they will be announcing the next location soon. The January 2016 #CreateCultivateDallas tickets sold out super quick this year, making me a happy girl for getting my ticket. 

When: January 30, 2016

FIND THEM: Website // Facebook // Instagram // Pinterest // Twitter

BlogHer & BlogHer Food - August & October

I have heard really great things about BlogHer Conferences. 

Find Them Here: BlogHer 2016 & BlogHerFood 2016

When: BlogHer - L.A. August 4-6 BlogHerFood - October 7-8, 2016

FIND THEM: Website // Facebook // Instagram // Pinterest // Twitter

Re/Code Media Conference - Various Months

Held in the absolutely gorgeous Ritz-Carlton in Laguna Niguel (among other gorgeous places), this conference is quite wonderful. I had the pleasure of attending (AND being a speaker on The New Influencers Panel) in February of 2015, and it made me aware of the importance of the tech-industry side of the online world. Read my blog post here, to see images of my time there. A very special thanks to HelloSociety and Science Media for sponsoring my trip there. It was an unforgettable experience! Peter Kafka was an incredibly good host, and a great interviewer! 

FIND THEM: Website // Facebook // Instagram // Pinterest // Twitter


Thrive Conference - February

Thrive is located at The Embassy Suites in The Woodlands/Hughes Landing in Springs, TX. 

When: February 26-27, 2016

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Build Your Blog Conference - February

BYBC Is scheduled to happen February 19-20, 2016. They provide lots of great webinars, one of which I have seen, and was incredibly inspired by! They consider themselves the "Most Educational Blogger Conference". 

FIND THEM: Facebook // Website 

go blog social conference

Go Blog Social - March

This conference will be held on March 5, 2016 in Kansas City, MO. IT looks like an absolutely amazing and inspiring event, so get your tickets here. KC is the first stop on their 2016 Tour, which sounds like so much fun!!!

FIND THEM: Website // Facebook Event // Instagram

social media conference

Social Media Marketing World - April

This conferences, held by Social Media Examiner is going to be held in San Diego on April 17-19, 2016. With registration, you will get track sessions, workshops, and keynotes. You also get online recordings of the event, as well as lots of opportunities to network. They are even providing an opening ceremony in an airplane hanger! Sounds like fun! 

Register Here

FIND THEM: Website

creative at heart conference

Creative At Heart Conference - Various Months

This event will be held at three different locations in 2016! The video on their website is beyond inspiring! They will help you get your business in order whether you have been in business for years, or are just starting out. Learn more. 

Annapolis, MD (March 20-22), Denver, CO (July 24-25), and Memphis, TN (November 13-14)

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Wandering Gypsy Fashion Blog On Tumblr

I recently started a Tumblr site, strictly for fashion and beauty. My other Tumblr has a little bit of everything, so I wanted a more streamlined Tumblr that would be inspiration for my outfits, and hopefully yours! 

Here are some of my favorite images on Tumblr right now. Enjoy!

This grey shawl is perfect for a road trip and looks nice while being super comfy!  Found Here .

This grey shawl is perfect for a road trip and looks nice while being super comfy! Found Here.

A striped tee always looks cute!  Found Here .

A striped tee always looks cute! Found Here.

Simple and Elegant Hairstyle.  Found Here .

Simple and Elegant Hairstyle. Found Here.

Loving this fishtail braid!  Found Here . 

Loving this fishtail braid! Found Here

Perfectly Distressed Denim.  Found Here . 

Perfectly Distressed Denim. Found Here

LOVE her hair!!  Found Here . 

LOVE her hair!! Found Here

Scalloped Shorts.  Found Here . 

Scalloped Shorts. Found Here

Gorgeous Hair + Outfit.  Found Here . 

Gorgeous Hair + Outfit. Found Here

What a perfect outfit for the beach!  Found Here . 

What a perfect outfit for the beach! Found Here

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L'Oreal Infalliable Makeup

Recently I was asked by L'Oreal to help promote one of their new Infalliable makeup lines that is perfect for summer. It's definitely more challenging keeping your makeup looking fresh when it's hot outside, and this makeup really stays put. I created this Dedicated Board to show you more!

I'm not usually one to wear much makeup, especially the full-coverage kind, but wow, it makes such a difference in my appearance! It's so fun experimenting with different color combinations, and it was also fun learning some makeup application tips from Katie at Fringe The Salon, who is a local salon-owner. She does amazing work and it was a lot of fun working with her. 

The tutorial (below), was created by using some of the L'Oreal Infalliable products like foundation, powder, and of course, their Lip Colors. There were so many colors to choose from, and this stuff really stays put! Below you can see some of the content we created for L'Oreal! 

L'Oreal Makeup Tutorial

And below, you can check out the other photos we created for the project. This is one of my favorite projects to date! Check out my Dedicated Board Here

When I first learned about this project, I was a bit nervous because my face would be on full display for these. I had no clue how well these photos would turn out thanks to the help from Bobby and Katie at The Fringe Salon. Throughout this project, I also learned that makeup makes such a difference in photos, and this was the perfect project to break me out of my comfort zone. 

This content creation was sponsored by L'Oreal, and all opinions are 100% my own. Thanks so such a wonderful company for collaborating with me! 

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Top 5 Pinterest Tips

Katherine Accettura is a HelloSociety Influencer from Illinois. She has over 1.2 million Pinterest followers. Katherine has been kind enough to share some of her Pinterest tips with us in this post:

This article was written by me and originally published here, on the HelloSociety Blog. 

This article was written by me and originally published here, on the HelloSociety Blog. 

1. Make Time To Pin & Pin Regularly

- Try to pin every day, several times a day. If you don’t pin regularly, your followers may become bored and won’t visit your Pinterest account as often.

- Utilize a pin scheduler every day. Try to implement it into your daily routine, especially while you are going to be busy, and see if it makes a difference in the overall number of repins and likes on your pins

- TIP: A good time to pin is when you begin seeing your phone blowing up with Pinterest notifications (your Pinterest app phone notifications should be turned on until you understand your audience’s schedule).

2. Pin From Your Phone

- The majority of Pinterest users are accessing the site via the Pinterest mobile app. It’s important to be in touch with your audience and see what your pins look like across all devices. Scroll through your pins on a daily basis, and make sure they look coherent and interesting.

- Make sure you aren’t pinning or repinning thumbnail-sized images. They look deceptively good on the Pinterest app, but look really bad on a computer screen.

3. Keep Your Blog or Website Updated (Important!)

- This is one of the biggest problems I see among pinners. Your blog or website link is at the very top of your Pinterest profile (or should be!). This encourages your followers to click through to learn more about you. If someone is directed to a site that has not been updated in a month or even a year, it can be off-putting, and may not encourage them to continue to keep interest in you and your pins. Make sure your Pinterest profile links to the blog/website that you keep up with most.

- It is important to verify your blog/website. Your pins may become more pin-worthy and show up higher in your followers’ home feed more often. There are lots of tutorials on how to verify your profile URL on Pinterest.

4. Think Of Your Pins As A Whole, Not As Disparate Boards

- It is important to look at your pins as a whole entity. This will provide your followers with the most visually pleasing experience. Example: If you pin the same pin to multiple boards in a row, they will show up as a duplicate pin to viewers on your Pinterest profile.

5. When In Doubt, Pin Food and Quotes

- Everyone hits creative blocks sometimes, so if you’re experiencing this, pin a few recipes or beautiful pictures of food. Inspiring quotes can also be popular to a wide variety of followers.

- In my opinion, Food, Quotes, and DIY tend to be some of the most repinned and liked pins out there. Make sure they are cohesive with your other pins, though!

Connect with Katherine:

Pinterest – Website – Blog – Instagram

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Friday Favorites - A beautiful adventure, blue hair, and donuts!

What an etherial combination. Pale blues and a sort-of white washed feeling to photos always catches my eye. Here are a few Friday Favorites that I hope will inspire your day! Click on the images to learn more about them!