The Ultimate Chocolate Charcuterie Board

If you want to create an over the top dessert display for your next party or get together, I created the ultimate dessert board to make an impression. Cater this to almost any budget, and I promise, you'll have a blast setting up this Chocolate Charcuterie Board.

I had a lot of fun shopping for and planning out this post. I went to three different stores to find a good assortment of chocolate items to fill the board with. I tried to get a variety of textures of the various ingredients, and had a lot of fun shopping the candy and cookie aisles, which I normally try to avoid :) But, sharing is caring, and I think this would be absolutely adorable for a Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, BBQ, and more. Why not try it for your Memorial Day weekend celebrations?! 

The Ultimate Chocolate Charcuterie Board

I tried to stick with all shades of brown, so the board had an elegant and rich look and was very inviting. I left a few items in their wrappers, just more for nostalgia than anything, but think of all of the color varieties you could mix in if you had a particular theme in mind. 

Next time I create this, I will definitely add lots more savory, salty, and fresh items like blueberries, more walnuts and other nuts, regular pretzels, potato chips, and few dipping sauces like white icing, whipped honey, and peanut butter. Like I said, now is the time to raid your pantry for items you may just have a little bit of, and are still nice enough to share with guests.

The Ultimate Chocolate Charcuterie Board

You can even basically start by shopping in your baking cabinet, your pantry, and then head to the store after that. I also used a traditional thicker wooden cutting board, and I also styled a few of these images on a long piece of paper that came on a roll. That would be a really fun way to serve this, if you were displaying it as a larger scale offering.

Other foods I added were items like chocolate graham crackers, chocolate biscotti, and chocolate coated items like nuts, raisins, mints, chocolate sauce and chocolate icing, moon pies, chocolate kisses, and basically anything else I found that would be appealing. Another helpful aisle I browsed was the baking aisle, and I found these tasty cubes of dark chocolate that added a lot.

If you have access to a grocery store that has lots of bulk candies and chocolates, you're in luck - just shop visually to incorporate as many items as possible without breaking the bank. 

All together, the variety of ingredients I got for this post cost me about $30. But, shopping bulk bins and dollar stores would have surely saved a TON! 

The Ultimate Chocolate Charcuterie Board
The Ultimate Chocolate Charcuterie Board
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A Memorial Day Party With Balloon Time! Get These Cute Recipes and Decor Ideas!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Balloon Time Helium Tanks. The opinions and text are all mine.

So excited to share this fun post with you today! I am really looking forward to summer, and Memorial Day, to me, is the first big holiday of the summer season. It's a great time of the year to host friends, and why not embrace that red, white, and blue, Patriotic spirit into your party with festive decor and tasty, yet easy to achieve party recipes. I utilized a balloon backdrop, inflated with my Balloon Time Helium Tank, making this whole party setup a very Instagrammable moment!

This party would be adorable for guests of any age, and feel free to add a bit more of your favorite food or drinks for your friends and family to enjoy while we celebrate Memorial Day, and other fun holidays in May and the upcoming summer months.

materials needed

Tie Dyed Fabric In Indigo and White (See My DIY Here)

Helium-Safe Balloons (I used red, blue, and star-printed latex ones, and 3 holographic mylar ones in star shapes)

Helium Tank (I used one from Balloon Time)

Curling Ribbon included with helium tank

Weights for Balloons (these can be made from just about anything that is somewhat heavy. Or, tape to attach balloons to the back of your table

Memorial Day Party

1.) Get acquainted with your Balloon Time Helium Tank. At first, I had a bit of trouble realizing that there are two steps to working the tank. FIRST, on your helium tab, you will find a green handle, that you turn about 4 times until it won't turn any longer. SECOND, insert your balloon onto the black nozzle, and push down to release the helium into your balloon. I did not realize to do the second part, and thought my tank was empty - oopsies! It was not :)

2.) Fill your three star balloons, and about 5-10 of each of the other colors, red and blue. Adding some white balloons would also be adorable! After filling each balloon, tie about 3-4 feet of ribbon to them, and attach them to your weights, so they won't float away :) I cut each ribbon to be a bit of a different length, so they would have a more layered effect, which I just loved!

3.) Put up your tie dyed back drop behind where your table will go, and then start filling the background with balloons! I started with my stars, then worked out from there, with the other balloons. Put your table in front of that, and begin styling the party!

4.) I love displaying food at different heights on the table, to create lots of visual interest. For this party setup, I used a mixture of wooden crates, galvanized metal boxes,   

5.) Other cute items you might want to offer include patriotic-themed star plates, napkins, cute paper straws, cute sunglasses, and red/white/blue candies in star-shaped glass dishes.  

flower party favors
dessert ideas

When I first learned about this project with Balloon Time, I instantly went into research mode. That's how I start every post that I create, so I can learn more about the brands and the products I am about to work with. I also love seeing what other bloggers may have done with and for these brands before, and I was so excited and very honored to be chosen, because Balloon Time has enlisted the DIY and Party Skills of many amazing bloggers that I follow pretty regularly, like Studio DIY, Hostess With The Mostess, A Subtle Revelry, and Confetti Sunshine!

I wanted to put my own spin on this project and include lots of cute dessert ideas, too!

I love these delicious red velvet cupcakes from my local grocery store, which you could use in a pinch, or bake cupcakes from your own favorite recipe. 


Red Velvet Cupcakes, Plastic Wine Glasses, Candies To Decorate

Simply fill glasses 1/3 full with colorful candies. Next, put the cupcake into each glass, and you have an elevated way to enjoy your cupcakes! This makes dessert very easy to carry around, too.

It's funny. The end of May in Illinois can offer gorgeous weather, chilly weather, rainy weather, or just plain HOT weather. Here in Illinois, we just come to enjoy those years when we get good weather for holidays, but it's never 100% for sure that we will even want to be outside. SO, I designed this party for an indoor OR outdoor gathering! 

berry parfaits

I found this pack of 6 tiny, plastic dessert bowls at the dollar store, and then, using an ice cream scoop, I added a scoop of cool whip to each bowl. Next, I added one full strawberry to each cup, and then about 6-8 blueberries to one side. These taste SO good, and will be easy for guests to enjoy. Also, I would only recommend making these about 30 minutes before serving, because the strawberries get mushy if you wait much longer. But, I love how these turned out so much! 

Thanks so much for joining me to learn more about my latest party! I hope you have gotten lots of great party ideas too.

See all of the parties I've designed, here!



This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Balloon Time. The opinions and text are all mine.


Balloon Party!
Memorial Day + 4th of July Party Ideas

Transform Your Hair With Vanity Planet + Learn How To Sew This Boho Fabric Headband!

Sponsored Post: This post is sponsored by Vanity Planet but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.
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I have had this urge to refresh my routine lately, and I wanted to share a unique product from Vanity Planet, a company that I have loved for some time now. My hair has been a bit lackluster lately. I am not one to use a lot of heat on my hair, and I try to use sulfate free products whenever I can (mainly shampoo and conditioner). I am also one who washes my hair every single day. I have read so much about not doing this every day, but all of that dirt and oil that is in my hair each morning, makes it nearly impossible for me to miss a day of washing, no matter WHAT the experts say!

So, I am excited to try out this Moisturizing and Restorative Hair Treatment from Vanity Planet soon. The brand was so kind to send this hair treatment and also a neat product called the Groove (a scalp massager). I will also give this tool a try soon, which is supposed to help lather in the product. I have super long hair, and I am thinking this is going to be a helpful tool for someone with short hair, that would not tangle into it like longer hair could. My mom has short hair, so perhaps this could be a cute Mother's Day gift, too!

Also, I now you're going to love this super easy DIY Sewn Fabric Headband, because a good headband, that fist like a dream is hard to find. They're either too tight for me, or never fit just right. I used this fun Hair Treatment as inspiration for this post. See this awesome, DIY Fabric Headband in the photo, below.

Since it's already graduation season, and it's almost Mother's Day, I thought this would be a super cute, very thoughtful gift idea for a woman in your life!

I love having an army of headbands, just in case I need a cute way to keep my hair where it's supposed to be in the car on a road trip, or perhaps I just want my hair to be extra cute?! It gets so hot and humid here each summer, that my hair does what it wants when the temps rise. Also, I love being able to pull on a headband while I'm washing my face - I can't stand when my hair gets drenched while I'm at the sink! 

I also figure that this adorable headband would be amazing for Festival Season! Pair it with jean shorts and a patterned, flowy tank top, or wear it with an adorable dress! Any camping trip would benefit from a cute headband or two. 

Even better, Vanity Planet has TONS of sales going on right now, on products ranging across categories like 25% Off HAIR PRODUCTS, 70% Off SKINCARE, and 70% Off MAKEUP BRUSHES!



1.) Cut your materials: 1 Piece at 20" x 6.5", 1 piece st 8" x 3" and a piece of elastic at 5". I used a curtain-like material, that I loved so much! But, it was slightly difficult to sew. Instead, feel free to even use an old t-shirt, other jersey knit fabrics, or any sort of lightweight cotton or even seersucker material. I have made LOTS of these headbands in the past, and love each and every one!

2.) Fold the 8"x3" piece in half, right sides together, and pin lengthwise. Sew this up to create a tube. Turn it right side out. Also, double fold down a small portion of the long sides of the 20" x 6.5" piece to hide raw edges. Use an iron to make flat folds, or just eye it. 

3.) Attach a large safety pin to one end of your elastic, and pull it through the tube you just created. Line the ends of the tube and the elastic up, and sew them together. Next, pull the safety pin all the way through, so the whole safety pin is out of the tubs. This will scrunch the tube a bit. While holding onto the safety pin for resistance, sew the other end of the elastic into the tube (sew across a few times so it's safe). Cut excess elastic and safety pin away and you have a scrunchy tube!

4.) Now, sew the scrunchy tube to the rest of the material. Place the scrunchy tube on top of the longer piece of fabric, right sides together. Place the scrunchy tube about 2/3 of the way into the bigger piece, and use an accordion fold to sandwich the scrunchy tube into the larger piece. Pin and sew across the fabrics to join them. Attach the scrunchy tube to the other side of the big piece of fabric, and again, sandwich the scrunchy tube into the other piece of fabric with an accordion fold. Cut off lose threads and turn right side out. Now, you're done! 

And, there you have it, the cutest headband around! 

Also, I love my SpinBrush, that I got last year, It's very effective in getting dirt and oil off your face, as well as all those dead skin cells - perfect for rising summer temps. This is a great travel companion, too! Get 70% Off, by using code SpinSpring70 at checkout.

Also, Vanity Planet is offering a huge selection of new products like this set of Makeup Brushes, which you can try out at 70% off, by using code MakeupSpring70 at checkout, too!

Reset The Day with Snapple® Takes 2 to Mango™ Tea + A Garden Fresh Bruschetta Recipe

I am so excited about my garden this year. I am growing as many edible ingredients as possible, and here is one recipe for Garden Fresh Bruschetta, using basil from my very own garden! Inspired by the newest flavor of all-natural Snapple, Takes 2 To Mango, here is an all natural recipe and gardening ideas!

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