How To Create A Halloween BOO Kit (A Dog Gift Basket for Halloween) PLUS 2 DIY Dog Toys

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Halloween Puppy Gift Basket

So excited to present you with an adorable Halloween Gift Basket, that can be made with a few simple materials, and then given to someone as a surprise. This is all about gifting a fun, dog-related gift basket and then secretly giving it to someone who deserves it. The person I chose to gift mine to is our long-time family veterinarian, Dr. Tally at Central Hospital for Animals here in Carbondale, IL. 

Get tons of inspirations, and to see more of the BOO Kits on the here
And, visit BooItForward page on Walmart.comhere  BOO Kit
 BOO Kit


American Greetings® has a great selection of Halloween Items like treat/candy bags, stickers, tissue paper, gift bags, and Halloween Cards. These would make for adorable and thoughtful additions to fill any BOO Kit Gift Basket!

5DB_2533 100.jpg
Halloween Puppy Gift Basket


Of course, my little chocolate Labradoodle and Chocolate Lab wanted to help with absolutely every step of this Halloween Boo Basket. They helped me make the toys, and Porter sat still for about 1 minute to help me shoot s few adorable puppy pics :) She just turned 10 weeks and she follows me everywhere. 

Halloween Puppy Gift Basket


Halloween Puppy Gift Basket
Halloween Gift Basket


1.) Cut cheesecloth (also called creepy cloth) into 2" strips lengthwise. 

2.) Wrap 2-3 strips around the basket and secure with glue in back.

3.) Cut out eyes from the sparkle foam. You will see that I simply cut two ovals out of the white one, then black pupils from the black foam. Glue the eyes to the front of the basket.

4.) Wrap and glue 2-3 more strips of cheesecloth around the basket, making sure to overlap the eyes just a little bit.

5.) Now, you are ready to fill your basket with all sorts of good things! Read on to learn about 2 Dog Toy DIY's, that are so easy!


These toys are simple, but my pups really love them. The fleece also cleans their teeth, and this toy gives dogs a really safe toy to play tug with since it's so soft. Here's how to make them:

1.) Cut 3 strips of fleece (any combo of 1-3 colors will do), and stretch the pieces as long as they will stretch. 

2.) Tie the 3 pieces of fleece together at the top, and use a clip board to hold the pieces, or ask a friend to hold the pieces while you braid them.

3.) Braid the pieces together, and tie the end up so the braid doesn't come loose. That's it!

DIY Dog Toy


This simple dog toy requires only two materials - 2 tennis balls, and 2 Halloween Socks. Dogs LOVE these toys so much! Make sure to use supervision when allowing a dog to play with any toy. 

DIY Halloween Gift Basket

Halloween Puppy Gift Basket


I found the majority of the materials in this BOO Kit at Walmart. The MARS Pet supplies are all located in the Pet Care aisle at Walmart. I found these items, below, that I added to my BOO Kit. 

  • PEDIGREE® DENTASTIX™ Fresh Treats Small/ Medium (Doggie Dental Area)
  • PEDIGREE® MARROBONE™ Real Beef Flavor Treats Mini (Dog Treats Area)
boo basket
Shopping for supplies


I decided to surprise my vet with this fun BOO Kit! I am sure she is going to LOVE it! Who will you surprise with the BOO Kit you create? Please tell me in the links below, and if you make your own BOO Kit, then also share that link too :)

Gifting The BOO Kit
Halloween Puppy Gift Basket
#PawfectBOO #BOOItForward

How To Keep Your Skin Hydrated in Late Summer ~ Early Fall {Plus: Tips on Making Guests Feel At Home}

I'm so happy to bring you another amazing post today, incorporating the Curel® Hydratherapy Wet Skin Moisturizer. As the seasons change, humidity levels do too. This can mean going from 90% humidity, down to 50% in a matter of days here in southern Illinois, so it's best to get ahead of the game, and stay moisturized!

welcome guests with these ideas

I also wanted to share a few tips on making your visitors and house guests feel right at home when visiting you! It's as simple as leaving fresh, new towels rolled up in a decorative basket. Also, provide guests with spa-like bath products, like the Curel® Hydratherapy Wet Skin Moisturizer. This is perfect for guests, because it smells amazing, and contains a water-activated moisturizer - perfect for any weather conditions. Another important tip is to help your guests stay hydrated (first with the Moisturizer, then with a welcoming array of fresh, chilled water, ready for them after their long travels. These are some ways you can add a touch of welcoming into your guests' experience while staying at your home.  



I’m sharing #Curel® HYDRA THERAPY WET SKIN MOISTURIZER in my life as part of a Curél sponsored series for Socialstars™. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep my blog a beautiful place to showcase my work! 

Soft Skin Tips

I also created this beautiful candle holder with a terrarrium I found at a craft store, white decorative sand, and a scented candle in a tin. I love how this turned out!! (see below)

cute DIY candle holder

Below, I used some flip-top bottle I found at a craft store, and this amazing, vintage glass bottle that a family member gave me. It's so pretty, and little touches like this will make your guests not have to even ask where they can find a glass - they will have everything they need some place in their room. 

stay hydrated!

Learn More About The Moisturizer

Curél is debuting their new Hydra Therapy product which helps combat dry skin and helps you look your best during warmer weather and beyond! Be sure to check out Curél® on Facebook to get updates and to learn more. 

  • Curel® HYDRA THERAPY WET SKIN MOISTURIZER is activated by water on freshly-showered skin and penetrates deeply into the surface to heal dryness

  • After showering, your skin cells expand, which provides an easy pathway for Curel® HYDRA THERAPY WET SKIN MOISTURIZER to penetrate into just showered skin, healing the moisture barrier where it counts and helping replenish skin’s ceramide levels

  • Curel® HYDRA THERAPY WET SKIN MOISTURIZER is not greasy or sticky and has powerful healing ingredients that restore the moisture barrier

  • Apply daily & experience the end of dry skin

Soft Skin Tips

I also love the colors I got to incorporate into this thoughtful set of images. The bright, white towels, rustic metal basket, white, decorative box with gold spots, the terrarium that features gold accents, and the pretty glass vases - the hints of metallics really shine nicely here. Love this color combo for a bathroom or guest room. 

staying hydrated

Have you gotten a chance to check out the Curel® Hydratherapy Wet Skin Moisturizer yet? Let me know in the comments below! 


Clinique Lip Pop

Clinique Lip Pop

Man Crates - A Father's Day Gift Idea

Father's Day is fast approaching (June 19th to be exact), and I am helping to promote Man Crates. I added a little bit of text to their images, and made them even more pin-worthy! I hope you love this fun idea, or even get inspired to DIY one of your own...



Beard Grooming Kit - Man Crates

To check out lots more Father's Day Gift Ideas, visit my Pinterest board, Gifts For Guys

Another Adorable Gift Basket With Erin Pelicano Jewelry

I hope you enjoyed my previous gift basket post, here. I had so much fun putting that basket together, that I created yet a second gift basket. These are so perfect for Mother's Day (and for gifting at just about any time of the year). The reason why I like the style of this gift basket so much, is because after you gift this beautiful creation, someone can then use the basket as store in a closet, bathroom, pantry, and more. 

Adorable Gift Basket DIY Tutorial
Check out this cute gift basket DIY project!


1 Wicker Basket

1 Roll of ribbon to wrap around the basket (not wired)

Hot Glue Gun + Glue (I used about 12 sticks, so it takes a lot)

2-3 Silk Flower Heads 

Tissue Paper

Paper Crinkles

Fun Goodies To Fill Basket


1.) Cut a piece of ribbon, long enough to wrap around the basket and overlap about 3" in back. 

Check out this cute gift basket DIY project!

2.) Glue the ribbon to the basket. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to work with this burlap ribbon roll. It just seemed to mold to the shape of the basket so well. Starting at the back of the basket, glue the top of the ribbon and the cut end of the ribbon to the basket. Continue to wrap the ribbon around, and glue it/secure it every few inches. I glued up the basket where the vertical basket pieces were. 

Check out this cute gift basket DIY project!

Gotta love that glue gun :)

Check out this cute gift basket DIY project!

3.) When you have glued the ribbon all the way around the basket, make sure the ribbon is attached well throughout the entire basket. Feel free to touch up any spots that may be loose. Fold the remaining cut end of ribbon over, to make sure loose edges are not showing. Then, glue that in place. Yay! The "hard part" is done. 

Check out this cute gift basket DIY project!

Here is what your gift basket should look like...(below)

Check out this cute gift basket DIY project!
Check out this cute gift basket DIY project!

4.) Now, fill the bottom half of the basket with tissue paper.

Check out this cute gift basket DIY project!

5.) Then, add your paper crinkles. They should mold to the shape of the basket pretty well. These were from Target for $1.00 - I just love the color combo!

Check out this cute gift basket DIY project!

I wanted to make this cute gift basket like a floral arrangement of sorts, and I found these adorable berries (below), that really were the absolute perfect colors. So, it made me really happy to find these at JoAnn's during their recent Daffodil Dash sales :)

Check out this cute gift basket DIY project!
Check out this cute gift basket DIY project!
Check out this cute gift basket DIY project!
Check out this cute gift basket DIY project!

Mother's Day Gift Basket with Erin Pelicano Necklaces

I am so honored to be able to share another gorgeous necklace by Erin Pelicano. She has an incredibly wonderful sense of style, and I just love everything she creates! A few (or more) of her pieces are absolutely perfect for Mother's Day! In fact, they say Mother & Daughter right on them :) 

Erin Pelicano Jewelry + Lily The Wandering Gypsy

I thought a fun way to show off her beautiful necklaces would be in a cute, Mother's Day Gift Basket. Indulge Mom this Mother's Day (or any other time of the year), and give her thoughtful gifts, elegantly arranged in a gift basket. Stay tuned for a second blog post with another idea, coming soon!!

The items featured in this gift basket were partially provided by my goodie bag that I received at Create + Cultivate Dallas! Both the Seaweed Bath Co. Detox Cellulite Soap and the Black and White Striped Nora Socks from Richer Poorer Inc. were from C+C! The Poco Dolce Olive Oil Chocolate Bar was purchased in Santa Fe at Chocolate + Cashmere (which I will soon post photos of), and of course, the main attraction is this gorgeous necklace from Erin Pelicano! 

Erin Pelicano + Lily The Wandering Gypsy


Let's Make A Gift Basket! 

I found this shallow basket to be perfect for a gift basket, featuring Erin's beautiful Mother & Daughter Necklace. 


- Shallow Wicker Basket

- Tissue Paper

- Moss

- Gerber Daisy Heads

- Various Items To Fill Basket That Mom Will Love

Lightly crumple up a piece of tissue paper and form it to the basket. This will ensure that the moss won't fall out. 

Lightly crumple up a piece of tissue paper and form it to the basket. This will ensure that the moss won't fall out. 

Add some moss to your gift basket for a rustic and Earthy look. 

Add some moss to your gift basket for a rustic and Earthy look. 

Use wire cutters to easily remove flower heads from their stems. 

Use wire cutters to easily remove flower heads from their stems. 

Now, gather your gifts, and begin to place them in the basket in a cute way. I first added the striped socks in back, and the chocolate next to them. Next, I centered the necklace, and placed the detox soap behind it. Lastly, I added the flowers in front left, and the center back. Just play around with the placement to ensure everything can be seen well.

Erin Pelicano + Lily The Wandering Gypsy

A Gift Basket Tip: You can use Shrink Plastic (found at Dollar Tree) around this gift basket to hold everything in place. Stay tuned, as I will likely shrink wrap this basket, to keep it safe so I can send it to my mom! 

Erin Pelicano Jewelry + Lily The Wandering Gypsy